Portugal is Getting Pretty Popular

No doubt, you’ll get to Portugal and see many of its terrific sights – the riverfront in Porto, the windy orange and tiled homes and streets in Lisbon, the sand and cliffs that seem to wrap around the world in the Algarve – and wonder to yourself, ‘Wait, why haven’t I heard more about this place?’

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Why Do I Love Portugal So Much?

Lisbon has the Castle, the Sao Jorge. It has the Tower of Belem and Europe’s biggest aquarium. It has the greatest nightlife in the world, the best cheese in the world (but France won’t admit that, will it?) and – if you’re in the right mood and you’re just happy enough – the best damn wine in the world, too.

But Lisbon has people. Better yet, it has Portuguese people.

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Time Lapse: Lisbon, Portugal

Props to ‘The Travel Vlogger’ for putting this number together.

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Kolby Did Lagos: A Cowboy’s Work Is Never Done

It’s a zoo. A jungle. It’s Portugal’s jewel, one of the world’s greatest coastal cities. It’s Lagos.

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