The Most Romantic Cities on Earth

The proclaimed ‘Most Romantic City’ in the World may surprise you. Actually, no. It won’t. (Hint: It’s in France.)

Published for BC Childrens Lottery

The folks at have compiled a cute, interactive map of the world’s Most Romantic Cities – from Canada down south, across the Atlantic and all the way around the world.

No. 1 on this list shouldn’t surprise you, nor should Canada’s lone entry. (Although, we’d argue they missed a few in the Great White North!)

Here they are, from 25th to first:

25) San Diego

Helplessly Californian. Effortlessly cool.

San Diego - Gaslamp District - iStock_000064908669_Medium

24) Dublin

A limerick or two. And some love.

Dublin - Temple Bar - iStock_000026797803_Medium

23) Melbourne

Australia’s cultural capital is the getaway that brings you right back home.

Melbourne - Australia - iStock_000035671242_Medium

22) Los Angeles

Fly me to the moon, let me play among the stars…’

Los Angeles - Sunset Strip - iStock_000055620152_Medium

21) Cape Town

Says Lonely Planet, “The Mother City, home to soaring Table Mountain, golden beaches and bountiful vineyards, is an old pro at capturing people’s hearts.”

Aerial view of Cape Town, with Green Point and Sea Point, Table

20) Marrakech

Morocco’s exciting maze of markets and the medina.

Marrakech Morocco - Medina Market - iStock_000054422844_Medium

19) Charleston, South Carolina

Southern comfort. Southern hospitality. Table for two, please.

Charleston, South Carolina, USA town skyline.

18) Jaipur

India’s Pink City.

Hawa Mahal palace  in Jaipur, India

17) New York City

The scene of probably every romantic comedy you’ve ever loved. It’s well-known and overplayed, but for a good reason.

New York City - iStock_000022535660_Medium

16) Edinburgh

Perhaps Great Britain’s most gorgeous city, it’s tucked away way up north – but it’s certainly not hiding.

Edinburgh Scotland - iStock_000059888496_Medium

15) San Sebastian, Spain

Seafood, sun, and the Spanish earth.

San Sebastian Spain - iStock_000053986096_Medium

14) Bath, England

As soothing as the activity that shares its name.

Bath England - iStock_000069658909_Medium

13) Wellington, New Zealand

It’s home, a world away.

Wellington at dusk

12) Lisbon

Take San Francisco. Add Europe on top. Voila.

Lisbon, Portugal Skyline and Castle

11) Montreal

France crossed the Atlantic and made a home here.

Montreal Quebec - iStock_000063302115_Medium

10) Prague

Gothic and gorgeous, this Czech capital has been a favourite of travellers for a long, long time.

Snowfall in Prague Czech Republic - iStock_000047663338_Medium

9) Florence

The center of Tuscany. The heart of Europe.

Florence Italy - iStock_000058134456_Medium

8) Dubrovnik

King’s Landing is enchanting and classical.

Dubrovnik Croatia - iStock_000059256040_Medium

7) Budapest

One of Europe’s backpacker favourites, it’s tremendously exciting and very, very beautiful.

Budapest Hungary - Chain Bridge - iStock_000076238201_Medium

6) Buenos Aires

The name Buenos Aires translates to “Good Airs” in English. Breathe them in…

Buenos Aires Argentina - Dancers - iStock_000020046064_Medium

5) Bruges

When you say, “I’d love to visit Old Europe,” Bruges is what you’re talking about.

Rozenhoedkaai, Bruges in Belgium

4) Kyoto

I say Japan, you think Tokyo? Maybe you should add Kyoto to the tip of your tongue.

Philosopher's Way in Kyoto

3) Venice

Canals, fedoras, no cars. It’s unapologetically vintage, intentionally Italian.

Romantic beautiful Venice

2) Sydney

Australia’s capital. One of the world’s most enchanting harbours. A big, big city – but a small one, too.

Sydney Australia - Bridge and Sunset - iStock_000067845489_Medium

1) Paris

Well, of course.

Seine in Paris with Eiffel tower in autumn time

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