Stockholm is Just So Stylish

“I think that’s very classy. But still, like, not too up-dressed.”

You know Sweden. You’ve never been to Sweden, but you know Sweden.

Because the stereotypes are, while stereotypical and probably bullshit, complimentary. When you think blue eyes and blonde hair and overflowing amounts of style and fashion, I can’t imagine anyone being laid under those cliches is going to protest.

Also read: Now Presenting: Scandinavia, Europe’s North Star (KolbyDoesEurope, April 5, 2016)

Sweden appears from the outside to be the melting pot of everything I guess we’d call white people problems. Which are, of course, problems we’d all love to have – even when we have them and hate them.

Swedes are just too lucky. Swedes are just so stylish. And even if they somehow feel burdened by those facts, or even if they feel like we’re just totally giving them way too much credit, well… who cares?

VIDEO: Street Style in Stockholm, Sweden – Intersection – The New York Times on YouTube

Caption: “In the upscale Stureplan area of Stockholm, Daniel Gill, a stylist, likes to “go his own way” and take chances with fashion by embracing typical women’s wear accessories like handbags.”

Photo above: via The New York Times’ YouTube channel. Link to the video above.

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