Fly-Bys and Time Lapses: The Best Videos of the Best of Europe

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Take a tour of the Old World with these gorgeous videos, compiled here from some of YouTube’s brightest and most talented creators.


from FilmSpektakel: “The scenery of our home country Austria is beyond compare. We live in the heart of Europe where we have a spectacular combination of cultural and natural attractions. No matter what time of year, Austria will welcome you…


Quickly becoming more popular with Western travellers, Malta is a beautiful and tiny island south of Sicily, north of Africa – a mix of Mediterranean and Ionian, where western Europe meets Greece on the water that joins three continents.


Maybe this is cheating a bit, for the sake of this list, because Rick Steves is so famous. But nobody knows Europe better – and we’re not sure anyone loves Italy more. He has a canon of short documentaries about the country on his YouTube channel, and all are worth checking out.


CLose-ups, fly-overs, and time lapses make up this video, Greece in 12 Minutes, filmed and put together by Dimitris Mimaros:


France is so much more than Paris, and so much more than just its Southern coast… but it would be all right if it weren’t.


One of Europe’s forgotten countries for those with eyes toward Spain, Italy, and France, Portugal – and its capital Libson – cannot be missed.


57 million people visited Spain in 2012, according to the country’s tourism stats, and this video shows exactly why:

England and London

Sure, it’s expensive. But hey, if you Win the Lottery, you could afford it!

London’s the birthplace of our modern world for many, and the home of the Thames, the Globe, the quintessential pub, and it swings like a pendulum do!


With its gorgeous coasts, its windy cliff tops, and its rolling green hills, you might almost mistake it for Canada… in a good way!


Put together by photographer Adam Robertson, the two videos below showcase Edinburgh and the surrounding area. It may not be the entire country, but it’s a gorgeous and good place to start…



Here’s a very cool ‘Flow Motion’ video of Turkey’s capital Istanbul, a beautiful and vibrant fly-through by Turkish Airlines:


Dubrovnik isn’t the only city in Croatia, in fact there are dozens of small towns and coastal cities that may match it in beauty of travel fun… but it’s definitely the most photographed and postcarded city in the country. And it would be a wonderful spot to vacation!


Presenting One Day in Berlin, a time lapse tour of one of Europe’s best cities for history lovers, foodies, and culture cravers!


This one is simply titled ‘Beauty’. And Poland is certainly that, having awoken from a tumultuous 20th century to a bright present and future.


Many call Prague the ‘Most Beautiful’ City in Europe. Here’s some evidence:


It’s a luxurious country with elite cities. But Switzerland is also insanely naturally beautiful, as these three videos below will attest to:

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