Now Presenting: Scandinavia, Europe’s North Star

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Frozen? Maybe, sometimes. But who doesn’t love Frozen?

Scandinavia has long been one of Europe’s most lovely, charming regions – a winter wonderland that sparkles in summer, equally postcard-worthy under the sun or the snow. Cities like Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Oslo are well-travelled and travellers give them rave reviews. But it’s not just Denmark, Sweden, and Norway that deserve your love – Finland and Iceland, which aren’t technically ‘Scandinavian’ but are often lumped in with the others, look simply delightful, too.

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PHOTOS: See the Best of Scandinavia


from Travel + Leisure‘s ‘5 Things To Do in Stockholm’ – “Throughout your trip to Stockholm, you’ll want to make regular use of the word fika, meaning coffee break. Swedes are crazy for coffee and cakes…”

Sweden Flag in Stockholm

Young Couple in Stockholm Sweden

Girl Biking in Stockholm Sweden


Emma Love, from CN Traveller, calls the Finnish capital Helsinki ‘The New Scandi Star’ – “With a richly patterned design history and a new foodie scene snapping at the heels of more hyped-about Scandi capitals, harbourside Helsinki is the city that came in from the cold.”

Helsinki Finland

Finland flag

Helsinki Finland in Summer


Yes, it’s expensive. “But you quickly, if grudgingly, accept the damage done to your wallet after a few hours strolling around this beguiling city,” writes The New York Times‘ Stuart Emmrich, “particularly in summer, when the sun’s last rays still haven’t faded by 11 p.m. and the locals, unshackled from the oppressiveness of the Scandinavian winter, seem to be in a nonstop party mode.”

Read more of ‘36 Hours in Oslo‘ by

Norway Fjord

House on the water and Oslo, capital of Norway


“I read something very disturbing on my way here: Apparently Denmark is like the happiest place on Earth.” – Anthony Bourdain, Parts Unknown in Copenhagen. Sarcastically, of course.

Couple in Copenhagen Denmark

Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark

Girls Biking in Copenhagen Denmark


“Although Reykjavík is my first love, you can’t visit Iceland without seeing some of our amazing natural wonders. Waterfalls, geysers, Northern Lights and quirky people – Iceland has it all.” – Audur, I Heart Reykjavik 



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