Trailer Review: 3 Years of Travel in 3 Minutes, by High on Life

*This article was originally published on Black Press’s network of B.C. sites, on September 21, 2014…

SundayFundayz – the wildly popular YouTube channel founded by a quartet of Vancouver kids in 2012 – has released a new trailer, a three-minute montage of three years of travel and adventure.

“It’s a conglomeration of everything that we’ve ever done,” said Ryker Gamble, one of the group’s co-founders, from Richmond, B.C., last month. “This video, the whole point of it is to inspire people to do more and to experience the world that’s out there, to get outside of their comfort zone.

“The basis of it is travel, and to see the world.

“‘Close your eyes. Imagine that money was no object,'” Gamble says, reciting the mental script behind the trailer. “‘Nothing in life is holding you down… imagine you could do anything you want. What would you do? Where would you go?‘”

SundayFundayz is actually the video component of the larger High on Life Entertainment company, which is run by Gamble – a disc jockey who goes by the stage name DJ Ramble – and his friends Max Gatfield, Alexey Lyakh, and Parker Heuser.

SundayFundayz’ videos take the viewer on a tour around the world inspired by the slogan ‘If You Can, You Should’ – the motto of the company that has combed over their clothing products and Vancouver-area events, done in partnership with Blueprint.

The new trailer is a three-years look back on what they’ve done so far with a wink of what’s to come. In previous conversations, Gamble has told me that 2014 is the group’s year for YouTube, although the group’s Vine account has also exploded to almost 275,000 followers.

On YouTube, SundayFundayz has almost 75,000 subscribers, and their travels have been aided through partnerships with travel companies like Contiki and, now, Life Before Work.

“We’ve got the branding down pat,” says Gamble. “We’re working with awesome companies. We’re not YouTube superstars, but we’ve created this awesome brand.”

High on Life’s first channel trailer – titled ‘If You Can, You Should’, their company’s motto – is a thing of beauty:

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