Natalie Dormer, Rome’s Beauty, and Contiki Legends

You’ve got to hand it to Contiki.

Their legends series is a Grade A example of the kind of ‘social’ advertising you’ve been hearing such great things about, but it also nails the bottom line of what ads are supposed to accomplish – don’t just promote your brand (in this case, Contiki). Promote your cause instead (in this case, joining up with a bunch of loveable, caring travellers to enjoy a new city, country, or world together).

In all, it’s a stylishly brilliant bit of marketing. It’s good advertising for Rome, for Natalie Dormer’s face, for HD cameras, for bad poetry, and for Contiki, too.

And it makes you want to meet someone like Julie. (You’ll have to watch the vid above to understand what that means.)

“What struck me, was how Julie made us all see the city through her eyes,” Dormer reads. “It made me experience travel in a totally new way.”

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