Robin Esrock, on Travel.

I personally don’t think there’s much value in someone telling you why you have to travel somewhere, or travel at all. You should want to go somewhere, but when you want to go somewhere. You don’t need to do it for the same reason as someone next to you, because then you won’t enjoy it. I’ve followed people somewhere for the wrong reason and I’ve had others follow me somewhere for the wrong reason… the captor doesn’t normally love that trip until months later, when hindsight takes hold.

Some people travel for two weeks, just to get out of the office. Some use resorts or hotels. Some use shacks and hostels. Some take trains. Some take planes. Some hike and many just bus. We all have different standards, which means we all have our own expectations.

But then again, if all you need is a 20-minute escape from whatever you’re doing right now, the video below is worth it.

Here’s travel writer and TV producer Robin Esrock in 2013 – ‘Learn to Travel’ at TEDx Vancouver:

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