You Should Go To Gdansk, Right Now…

I should say, I have never been to Gdansk – so you’re not reading this, if you are, for any sort of a personal testimonial or diary.

But you are reading what is simply the airing of envy from someone who would love to visit Gdansk, which would make me like you. I’m relatable, is what I mean… we’re in this together. Think of me like you’d think of your best friend you’re planning your under-25 trip to Asia with – we’re both psyched for something we have no clue about, and we’re both psyched primarily because we have no clue about it all.

“You may associate Gdańsk with dreary images of striking dockworkers from the nightly news in the 1980s – but there’s so much more to this city than shipyards, Solidarity, and smog,” writes Rick Steves, in his latest travel blog (link below). “It’s surprisingly easy to look past the urban sprawl to find one of northern Europe’s most historic and picturesque cities.”

I have never been to Gdansk – but I have been to Poland, twice to the gorgeous, almost renaissance-ish city of Krakow and twice to Auschwitz‘s concentration camp of horrors.

Poland is a wonderful country. The people are friendly and, even better, shy. That means they’re happy to have you and they’d love to teach you even two words of Polish, just so you can toss a couple verbs back and forth, and they’ll smile and beam with pride when you express even the slightest sliver of interest in their nation.

But I’m writing about Gdansk now because I just read a review of the place from Rick Steves, the obviously incredible travel maestro and guidebook writer who hadn’t been there before 2014, either.

I’ll leave you with the following quote, as well as a perfectly Euro Pop-y video to show off the Iron Curtain-to-21st Century transformation so many formerly smoky Eastern European cities have undertaken.

“Gdańsk is a true find on the Baltic Coast of Poland… The gem of a Main Town boasts block after block of red-brick churches and narrow, colorful, ornately decorated Hanseatic burghers’ mansions. The riverfront embankment, with its trademark medieval crane, oozes salty maritime charm. Its history is also fascinating – from its medieval Golden Age to the headlines of our own generation, big things happen here.”

VIDEO: Timelapse – Gdansk, Poland

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