Rick Steves Takes On Krakow in ‘Poland Rediscovered’

The pioneering guide book writer and travel host is a fan of Europe. This you know. But did you know, he doesn’t just love the Romes and Parises and Londons… he loves Poland, too. And its shining former capital – Krakow, or Cracow – should be as prime a destination for you as it is for Rick.

It’s a stud city, not just for working TV hosts but for backpackers, families, and anyone not in that travellers’ Venn Diagram.

Writes Rick:

“Kraków is easily Poland’s best destination: a beautiful, old-fashioned city buzzing with enjoyable sights, tourists, college students, and some heavy history (nearby lies the Holocaust memorial and museum of Auschwitz-Berkenau). Even though the country’s capital moved from here to Warsaw 400 years ago, Kraków remains Poland’s cultural and intellectual center. Of all of the Eastern European cities laying claim to the boast “the next Prague,” Kraków is for real. Someday, this gem of a city will be as swamped with tourists as any big-league destination. Enjoy it now, while it’s still relatively quiet.”



“You Should Go To Gdansk, Right Now…” (September 21, 2014)

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons / author Pjama)
(Photo: Wikimedia Commons / author Pjama)

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