Anthony Bourdain in Finland

Ah, Helsinki. If you weren’t so cold, then what would be charming about you?

Well, spend 42 minutes with the clip below, and you’ll see… there’s plenty to love.

From trams that serve beer to oozing meat, to an apparently pretty strong Gypsy culture and blood-splattering spa nights… Finland is more than just beautiful blondes, blue eyes, and Teemu Selanne. And it’s not like that wouldn’t be enough, either.

VIDEO: Anthony Bourdain – No Reservations in Finland

Photos of Helsinki and Finland, from Wikimedia Commons:

1280px-SiltasaariHelsinki 1800px-Senate_Square_-_Senaatintori_-_Senatstorget,_Helsinki,_Finland 1280px-Suurkirkko_Helsinki_maaliskuu_2002_IMG_0629 Flag_of_Finland.svg 1280px-Helsinki_Kolera-allas_2007

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