Anthony Bourdain in Paris

“The vacation gone wrong in Paris is almost always ’cause people try and do too many things.”

With that quick intro, Mr. Bourdain has delivered a truly genuine warning – one you’ll hear and be cautious of, but never follow. It’s impossible to follow. There’s too much here – too much to see, too much to eat, too much to do. Seeing the Eiffel Tower will leave you without the Moulin Rouge. Versailles comes at the expense of the Louvre. Every moment spent on the Champs Elysees is a moment not used in the Latin Quarter or on the hills of Montmartre.

What’s worse… you can’t wolf down a piece of cheese, fish, chocolate, pastry, and a sip of wine at the same time. It’s like being five again and trying to smell every marker at once.

Then again, maybe you can.

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